I´ve owned and bred Cairn terriers since 1978.

My husband grew up with a crossbreed that looked a bit like a Cairn. Our first dog was an OES (Bobtail), which became ill, so we decided to look for another breed for our next dog.

The first time I saw a Cairn was the final Cruft´s Dog Show at the old Olympia Hall in London in 1978. I took some photos and when my husband saw them, he really liked the Cairns because they were so similar to his old "Waldi" .

We obtained some addreses of cairn breeders with the help of a Bobtail breeder. Some weeks later a Cairn named "Gantine´s Samson" took possession of our house.

In the following years we made friends with Cairn breeders during our regular visits to the U.K. . They made it possible for me to get good Cairns for my breeding stock. All of my Cairns go back to well-known British lines.

My Cairns are house dogs. Breeding and showing my dogs is fun and has enriched my life.

Puppies occasionally for sale to caring people in good homes.

If you ´re interested, contact me.